King Mochadius rules over the lands of Mochadia. His favorite color is blue. He is Mocha's self-character.


King Mochadius was born in Fluffor (Later named Mocha in his honor). He quickly rose to power, and united the kingdoms of planet Mocha, and everyone decided to name the Kingdom "Mochadia" in his honor.

Please note some of the following section has been lost. Some areas have attempted to be re-filled in.

When he came into power, he set laws governing national security, organization of the government, and policies concerning magic. Of most interesting note are his policies on (UNKNOWN), due to them having the strange opposite effect of increasing (UNKNOWN) instead of decreasing (UNKNOWN). This doesn't have too much effect on the general (UNKNOWN), but (UNKNOWN) are still trying to determine the exact cause of this discrepancy. (UNKNOWN) has increased over his reign, which slightly worries Mochadian analysts that some (UNKNOWN) may start a (UNKNOWN), Goldas Arenian as King of Aef.

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