Justsu is the art of attacking, defending or helping another/one's self. There are multiple types, which split into two categories. The big three, and the others. Many attacks fit into two or more categories.

Big Three Edit

  1. Ninjutsu - the art of the trained spirit. This involves all attacks inixplicable by other means, such as elemental attacks. Most Ninjutsu is physical.
  2. Genjutsu - the art of the trained mind. This involves directly attacking, defending or aiding a body. This involves mental attacks and some healing spells.
  3. Taijutsu - the art of the trained body. This involves attacks done with the body, such as punches and kicks. This is the most common form of Jutsu.

Others Edit

  1. Transjutsu - this transforms the body into something else. This involves Genjutsu and Taijutsu.
  2. Invisijutsu - this makes the user invisible for up to 2 minutes but every second makes the user more tired and more tired if you use it for 2 minutes the user would just turn visible, and falls on the ground, visible