Jeff (full name is unknown) is a large part of PBs latest story Behemeth Strikes. The fist chapter he appeared in was Chapter 2 and in that chapter he had a conversation with Nexter.


Jeff is a Spy who poses as a ESIT rookie. He also attempted to steal The Emerald once in Behemeth Strikes.


Always has lots of shirukens.


A pistol.


  • 18 Years of age.
  • Blond hair.
  • Male.
  • White skin.


  • -kevin:ok lets try this again. This is a M1 Bazoo... -Jeff: M1 Bazooka. Good for strong troopers so that they can haul it around well. Best used if you are not on the frontline and if someone is reloading this weapon with shells after every shot. Very powerful weapon and gives a strong punch.
  • here have this.-Nexter: a donut? why?-Jeff: it is secretly stuffed with 2 customized granades. make sure that you offer it to the enemy with percaution.
  • just gotta put that there and then..... (boom) BOOM GOES THE DINOMITE!
  • ok... all i need is 8 granades, 1 rifle, 1 samuri sword, 4 sherrikans, and 1 bazooka!
  • drop it! no don't drop it don't drop it don't dro-(BOOM!)-p the dinomite...
  • go on.... eat the donut.... (boom) O YEAH!
  • why are you laughing? o yeah? well... (bang) (cough) i told you this banana was a real gun!
  • o yeah did i tell you that my banana also works like a walky-talky... well it does.

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