James Matrix Rodney is a scientist that mostly makes experiments and most of the time the experiments go completely wrong and blow-up or something most likely causing a disaster.


James once made an experiment and he was happy it didn't cause a disaster he named the experiment Matrix he slowly trained the experiment to be mature (by the way the experiment was a creature) and one day the experiment ran away like lightning it was so fast but then 2 weeks later it came back and with a 'Martix' a lot smaller than it and in an instant James knew he would have to take care of both of them now but not that long after 2 years the 'Matrix' were a species there was so much and all of them ran away into the forest/jungle and James knew that he was wrong... a disaster was going to happen.

One day as usuall james was trying to make another creature and Goldas was there to congratulate him once he finished and finally after 6 hours of work James finished. But the creature escaped and after about 12 days of hunting and fighting they stunned him for what they thought was forever so they got some help and took the creature to Aef for study. But after 1 year in Aef the creature woke up and rampaged through Aef but then after a long time he decided to stop and then he ran to a far, unknown, cave. And ever sense then he was named 'Behemeth...



  • 21 Years of age.
  • Bright, brown hair.
  • Male.
  • White-skin.


  • I've made countless weapons, I've broke both of my legs once, and I have flown! but you want me to teach? life is unfair.
  • tanks? TANKS! (boom) *cough* skadoosh.
  • wait. you want me to jump off of this building? i never should have joined this.
  • magic? (someone else in the background says "taco") MAGIC TACO?! i must be dreaming...
  • SKADOOSH! (kaboom)
  • i got it! i got it! i got i (boom) *cough* i don't got it!
  • boom? okay. BOOM!!! (kaboom) *chuckle* boom.....


  • James was the creator of the Matrix.
  • James is alergic to Strawberries, and watermellons.
  • James named the Matrix after his middle name.
  • James was the creator of Behemeth.
  • James' brother is Nexter.