The siege had been going for nine days now. Even the mighty Imaginaughts were faltering under the weight of the attack. Nick the Grim aider, 3rd of the Imaginaughts, was patrolling the forest before the kingdom of Chaief. 'stupid siege' He muttered under his breath. 'all the people on this stupid plantet do is argue! The big muddle of this place! The kings seem reagal, but really, they are just fools!' He heard a noise from behind him. He held up his sythe, purple shadow energy dancing on the end of the blade. The shape finally appeared. He was a boy, only slightly younger-looking than Nick. "Marcus, what are you doing here?"

"Meh" The other imaginaught replied. "We grim aiders must stick together!"

Nick laughed. "That is the exact opposite of what I told you! Come on, what pandamonium has happened in the castle this time?"

"D...I mean, Goldas" Marcus started

"Dont call Goldas 'dad'" Nick explained. " Marcus, with your aging potions, you are the exact same age as him. Its just plain creepy."

"anyway......" Marcus started. "wait, what was that?"

A troupe of bandits appeared behind the duo. The two fought bravely, shadow magic downing the bandits.

"Lets go to the castle!" Nick yelled.

When the two Imaginaughts got back to the castle, it was already under attack. Marcus spotted Goldas and George attacking in union of energy and fire, Varral and Varralion sniping from the top platforms of the castle, and Tivic and Targ defending the gates. They also saw the massive Aefian fleet helping the group.

"Lets go!" the two said in unison, and lept into the fray.

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