This is the official history of IW.

Pre-wiki history Edit

Please realise that this is straight from GF0's memory, and may be a little out of order and/or vague.

  1. Aef was created, being a school with mystical beasts and artifacts. It was known then as the school.
  2. George, Nick (Then known as Mystery Mime), Tivic and Targ were all created.
  3. Nick's name was changed to, well, Nick, after a near-death experience
  4. Varralion and Varral were both created
  5. The Grim aider revolution happened
  6. The Light/Dark blade was created because of the curved handle on the Animelian blade made it look more like a gun. It was switched, to say the least.
  7. The series was named Imaginaughts due to an error made by Ub3r leech, mistaking one series for another.
  8. GF0 decided to create a wiki. Inspired by his edits on Custom Bionicle Wiki, he created Imaginaughts wiki.

2011 Edit

  1. Wiki Created on July 12, 2011.
  2. Goldas named. His name was originally GF0's real name, but changed for security reasons.
  3. Goldas, Aef and Elements pages created.
  4. Yopuppy75 joined, but soon left.
  5. El-liamo joined, but made a few edits and soon left.
  6. Jman98 joined, but made a few edits and soon left.
  7. Komodo cobra joined, and makes a lot of creatures.
  8. Pandaboy2 joined and slowly took his time to make more pages.
  9. The Matrix and James created.
  10. DragonFallion joined, but made a few edits and soon left.
  11. 493Titanollante joined, but made a couple edits and soon left.
  12. Komodo cobra retires from wikia.
  13. Froggyfrog joined, but made an edit and soon left.
  14. Nobody Cares joined, but made several edits and soon left.
  15. Ub3r leech joins the wiki.
  16. GF0 requested help from the content team, and joeplay made the main page look like CBW's main page.
  17. Mocha joined and quickly ranked 2nd.
  18. The Canon Empire created.
  19. Mochadia created just past midnight, GMT.
  20. Mocha climbs to first, GF0 falls to second.
  21. Forces of Darkness is created
  22. Mocha2007andcoco takes a brief vacation
  23. Vain The Impaler joins the wiki, and creates a self-character.
  24. Mocha creates Battle over Mocha, his first story.
  25. Mocha takes Another brief vacation to work on his lets play Minecraft series.
  26. Custom Minecraft Wiki, GF0's second proper wiki gets 2 extra pages added on 10th of the 11th 2011.
  27. Ub3r leech is promoted to both Admin and Berueucrat on 11/11/2011 (11th of November 2011) at 4:48PM
  28. Yopuppy75 re-joins, then leaves....again

2012 Edit

  1. Mocha realises that the wiki may be dying due to the lack of users, especially over the xmas holidays
  2. GF0 states the wiki's first Code Maroon
  3. On the 24/3/2011, Pandaboy2 and Mocha2007andcoco were promoted.
  4. Imaginaughts Nex starts

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