Imaginaughts Nex is the previous series of Imaginaughts. It was writ


The Logo for Imaginaughts Nex. Note that this is "yellow style" with a Yellow 'I' instead of a blue one.

ten from mid 2012 to early 2013, and is succeeded by Imaginaughts Alpha. Imaginaughts Nex details the struggles between Raven and Goldas, as well as the continuing development of Aef's Government after Goldas took the throne.

Storyline Edit


Some of the Imaginaughts Nex cast. You can also see James and Nexter on the sides.

(This will get filled in as time progresses)

The Last Battle Edit

You can read about this here.

This last chapter shows Goldas equipped with his Mark I power suit flying in his ship into hell, "killing" a bunch of Demons and facing off against Raven. He managed to retreive the The Snowflake which he gave to Raven in Imaginaughts: New Generation, and activate it. Raven is defeated in the resulting conflict but this triggered something in Raven and has given him the abilaty to turn in to the Death feeder. Goldas returned victorious, ending the Aef-Hell War and beginning the events of Imaginaughts Alpha.

Trivia Edit

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