Imaginaughts Alpha is a Saga of Imaginaughts (Series). It is divided up into 3 parts

Part 1: The Aef - Antitech War Edit

In this part, the Imaginaughts cone face-to-face with the Antitech Empire, a race of robots operating on a strange energy.

Part 2: Godkiller and the Aefian God War Edit

This part details the creation of the Godkiller and the following God War

The Godkiller created Edit

This is whenthe Godkiller was built and some minor skimishes followed.

Pre-war Edit

Mochadian and Aefian forces set up defences around the Aefian solar system.

War of the Gods Edit

The God War, where several factions fought to defeat or protect Aef. It was ended when Goldas killed a god, became a god, then sacrificed his god powers to force stop the war.

Part 3: Post War Edit

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