Imaginaughts: Rise of the 13 is a Saga of Imaginaughts (Series). During this saga, Goldas Arenian, Vain Vezu and 11 others combined forces to stop Klael from destroying the earth.

Events Edit

One day, Goldas was looking through his files when he saw an ancient prophecy, and began reading into it. Upon seeing Goldas going to earth, Vain followed, and in mid-flight he questioned him about what was going on.

More to be added.

Listing Edit

  1. Goldas Arenian
  2. Vain "The Impaler" Vezu
  3. Dusk
  4. Someone
  5. Someone
  6. Someone
  7. Someone
  8. Someone
  9. Someone
  10. Someone
  11. Someone
  12. Lady Kayre
  13. Lorodon

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