The grim aider revolution was a revolution of the grim aiders started by the Imaginaughts. It was based motly inside the Grim aider saga, which this page also details.

Series of events Edit

Travina Saga Edit

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The actual events of what happened during the revolution are not too publicly disclosed, but what we know is that Klael's second apperence was here. The lead up to the Grim Aider saga was the Travina Saga, where the true name of Nick Myme was revealed. Nick was revived by Goldas and the darkness banished from him, thus revealing the identity of the grim aiders. Once the shadow organisation found out, they snuck into Aef (which was still only a large school on planet Aef at this point) and kidnapped Varalia .

Grim Aider Revolution Edit

The actual events happen during this saga, where the Imaginaughts sneak into the Fortress of the Grim Aiders and attempt to disband the shadow organisation. The five of them split up and imbeded light energy into the grim aiders, thus freeing them from their dark oppression. they met up in the centre of the skull-shaped stronghold when the Grim Reaper himself appeared. After a fight between him and Goldas the dark lord was distroyed, only his skull left. This is when Klael emerged and the first Unity Arrow was used. The entire stronghold collapsed, leaving the grim aiders without a "home". The entire population moved to Aef, adding several new dark magic studies to the curriculum. It is then followed by Imaginaughts: Grim Aider, which is basically Imaginaughts:Travina Part 2.

Imaginaughts: Grim Aider Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • At this point, Godas did not have the Light/Dark blade, thus making the battle incredibly difficult.