This is the theme tune of Imaginaughts Alpha.

Song Edit

I am the alpha…..

Imagine Alpha…..



Welcome to a world of my creation

Surround this globe, become a nation

Tomorrow is gone, the future is night

Hold the torch, and become the light……

I am the Alpha

The First and the Last

Though me all things

Come to pass

You cant see in this vicious game

Unless you play

To become the Alpha…

Imaginaughts, al, pha…

You see me, stuck in debate

Worlds fall, to their doomed fate,

Death follows me around this place

But I turn around, hit him, right in the face.


Welcome, welcome, welcome to your fight

Try to, try to, try to find the right..

I cant, I cant, I cant, stop this now…

But try to, try to, try to, See me now………

I am the Alpha, The First and the last

Through me all things, come to pass

You cant see, me, in this vicious game

Unless you play, 

To become the,

I am the Alpha, the first and the last

Though me all things, things come to pass,

You can’t see, me, in this vicious game

Unless you play (less you play)

Unless you play

And become the Alpha!  

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