Guraldian president

The guraldian president.

Guraldians are the people that live on Guraldia.
Guraldian space suit

A guraldian in a spacesuit. Note the robotiziced hands.


Guraldians are mostly the same as humans, but they are a bit more radiation resistant and have four fingers instead of five.

Also, some are slightly taller and skinnier.


Guraldians have huge Bubble cities

Their spacesuits have compressed oxygen tanks and Mana computers.

Some of their hands are robotisiced, powered by Mana reactors.


Poetry Edit

The four-fold is an old guraldian poem, told by guraldian mages over the ages, now included in many poem collections. 

Aefian professors sometimes use it as an example of time being a dimension.

Politics Edit

There is a president of the guraldians, the current one being a benevolent dictator. He sometimes jokes about himself being a king. The one thing everyone can agree on, is that he maniacly laughs way too much.

They are allies with Aef and by extension, Mochadia.

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