Mana reactor powering a light bulb

A mana reactor powering a light bulb. There is no suction; there is enough mana in one of the cores to self-sustain itself with the amount needed for the light bulb.

These sorts of Mana reactors are a Guraldian invention.

The largest reactor is the Edison reactor.

Dark mana reactor

A mana reactor somewhat effected by darkness.

Working mana reactor

Working mana reactor with no mochite port. The tubes have differing suction to show the cycling effect.

A small amount of Mana is put into a small container.

Base mana is sometimes extracted from Mochite, and sometimes generated by other mana reactors.

It is let to grow, and then used as energy storage. 

Different mana reactors have different amounts of mana, but all are very efficient.

The best mana reactors utilize the property of mana where if there is not enough energy, matter can be summoned, and can generate huge amounts of energy in an amount of time less than a second.

The only downside is that mana reactors MUST stay on.

Sometimes, small blobs of Darkness are found in mana reactors.

Small 'mochite ports' are sometimes found on old mana reactors.

When being used a wire is attached to the tubes of the reactor.

The tubes in a mana reactor have suction, mainly to cycle around mana.

Some mana reactors cycle around, with some tubes being filled with mana, others having none. The reason is unknown, though it usually forms when the tubes have different suction.

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