Grim Aider Special

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Grim aider special is a move used only by Grim aiders. It is when a grim aider sinks into his own shadow then pulls their target into walls, killing them. It is a rather grousome move.

Move/appearence Edit

The grim aider will first locate an area, then sink down into the ground like he/she was made of shadow. The aider will then move across, the only giveaway being a circular shadow (think MC) moving across the ground/roof/walls. This can be overcome by staying in a dark area. When the aider has located sait target, then they will move a part of themselves or a tool (hand or sythe mostly) out of the shadow to grab the unfortunate victim, then pull them into the object within the solid area, slipping their molicules between the molocules of the solid ground/ceiling etc. and killing them instantly. Many aiders only half-drag the victims into the walls, leaving a limp corpse, half of which is stuck in the ground, frozen soloid with a look of terror on their face. The upsides are that it scares other people either to death or frozen (easier target) from fear, but it almost confirmes the precence of an aider in the area. Also, good enough mages can actually use spells to resist the attack or avoid death completely. Nick once killed a tratourous aider by sort of doing a counter-form of it, trapping the aider half through the wall.