A Grim Aider

Grim aiders are people trained under the art of Grey Magic, a midway point between healing and death magic. they practice in Shadow , Necromocy and Inter-Dimensional transport.

Grim Aiders listingEdit

Nick (Captain)


Marcus (in training)


The grim aiders were originally a small group of People who wanted to learn the arts of the Grim Reaper. Those few became so knowledgeable in the art that they lost half of their Life Force learning Dark magic and Necromocy. One day (after the group had grown considerably, as well as after about 1K years), the group sent out a good student, Nick Myme, under the guise of Mystery Myme. After Nick's life force was restored by Goldas, the group of Imaginaughts sent out to begin the Grim aider revolution, resulting in the temporary death of both the Grim Reaper and the Elemental Lord of Darkness by using the Unity arrow. The remaining Grim aiders had their life force restored. Currently all grim aiders and their individual arts are being taught at Aef.