The Great Temple shrines are 235 different shrines. When 5 are activated the doorway to The Great Temple is opened. Each shrine is protected by a guardian.


A small square room with a glowing cristal in the centre. When the gem is touched a signal beam goes to the great temple to signify that the shrine has been activated.

Shrines - 25 out of 235.Edit

800px-Snowpeak Mansion

Snowpeak shrine


Snow peakpeak shrine

Woodfall Temple

The swamp shrine


The lizard Canyon shrine

  1. Snowpeak shrine
  2. Snowpeak peak shrine
  3. Desert shrine
  4. lost civilisation shrine
  5. deep jungle shrine
  6. swamp shrine
  7. temple shrine
  8. Starpeak shrine
  9. Aef-Central shrine
  10. lizard canyon shrine
  11. Basai city shrine.
  12. core planet shrine
  13. star shrine
  14. Mystic Desert shrine
  15. Death shrine
  16. afterlife shrine
  17. Heaven shrine
  18. Hell shrine
  19. The 1st quad shrine
  20. the 2nd quad shrine
  21. the 3rd quad shrine
  22. the 4th quad shrine
  23. the Mochadian Shrine
  24. the Fluffian Shrine
  25. the Mountain Shrine

Use in later Imaginaughts series. Edit

The shrines have since been converted to numerous things for usage sake, but they all still have their original intention.