Goldas is a Great Spirit. Not to be confused with Goldas, leader of the Imaginaughts.

Bio Edit

The Great Spirit Goldas is said to be a great being that performs miracles of Light and justice. He was said to fight Klael with a sword of great power, as well as fight alongside, with and against, many other powerful beings. He united the greatest of his home. Then, it is said he defeated a great force, an army of those both equal and greater, and met with their leader. The leader was one he had never known like this before, and they both fought to equal in fire and ice.

True to his namesake's name, Goldas Arenian has wielded The Godkiller, the sword of great power, and defeated Klael twice. He has fought alongside many, including the many Imaginaughts. The only prt of this prophecy not yet fulfilled is the last bit. Vain "The Impaler" VezuRavenF10Nick Myme, there has been many that do not fill the requirements. Yet, there are many again who could possibly. Only time will tell.

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