Goldas does do experiments often as a prof at Aef. However, these are quite unusual, relating to mana duplication creating mana and working with stuf an a millionth of a size of an atom, which is considered impossible on Earth. He usually works with his brother, George.

Fig 8 mana production plant Edit

Here, Goldas concentrateds on a flow of mana in a figure 8 pattern being duplicated and the kenetic energy from the moving energy (yes, energy from energy, Mana has different rules) and turning the kenetic enegry to electrical energy. Sounds complicated, but is really quite simple to him. The most major problems is the glass figure 8 breaking under the strain of tons of mana being inside of the device, and the duplication of mana energies.

Molocule hypernano deviding Edit

Here, Goldas tries to spit things into a zeptillianth ( 100 to the power of 10 billion billion ) of what they are. Technically impossible on earth, Mana-powered tecnology allows this to be possible.

Creation of new species Edit

This one is easy. Goldas engineers super-critters, creates a huge setback in them to stop people using them for evil, then storing the DNA signal away in a super-safe storage.

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