Goldas' suit is the armor Goldas Arenian uses. It is black in colour. It has several versions.

Pre-Armor Edit

Goldas used a unique set of magic armor, as seen on This Page.

Mark I Edit

This was the very armor used to end the Hell-Aef war at the end of Imaginaughts Nex. It was a black armor, with a chest slot for a Four Dragon Medallion. The medallion was swapped out for the Great Power Medallion.

George Arenian and Aloysius both aided in the construction of the suit, but it was mostly Goldas' doing.

Mark II  Edit

The Mark II armour is very similar to Mark I, however it contained 4 special battery slots for storage of Four Dragon power, leaving the slot for the Snowflake. It also fixed up some weakness on the ankles and wrists (which was implemented to allow the 'trails' of Goldas' transformations to still take effect), adding a tube which could rotate as well as change density.

Mark III Edit


Mark III included a better life-support system, as well as lack of the four-Dragon batteries, as Goldas can now achieve this form alone. It is lighter and stronger, and adapt for modifications.

Mark IV Edit

This version was built in collaboration with Rhyler, and can function even without Mana, with the aid of a micro heat and solar generator located around the collar. It is also lighter and faster with the ability to fly out and assemble on Goldas' body, like the Mark 42 Iron Man suit in Iron Man 3.

Trivia Edit

  • This suit is based very heavily on the Iron Man armor. Assembly onto Goldas' Body is based on the scenes used in The Avengers, and the Mark 4 is based on the Mark 42. Also, the suits are numbered as "Mark (number), much like the Iron Man suits.

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