Goldas' classes are various classes done by the famous professor, Goldas. He explains many battle stategies.

Lesson oneEdit

Goldas: Okey. Here we have you and your teammates. here we have your enemies. You are in a forest. You can only use three types of elements: Fire, Water, and Nature. what element do you use?

Student 1: umm, water?

Goldas: Maybe..but water is a bad combat choice. Any others?

Student 2: Fire, perhaps?

Goldas: Enh, wrong answer! You would burn down the forest with you in it! Do you like yourself well-done?

Students: no.

Goldas: Good! Then im not teaching morons afterall. Any others?

Student 3: Then it has to be...Nature!

Goldas: Correct! You are in a forest. The sheer abundance of plants there is enough for you to beat the lot of your opponents, yet keep your teamates safe.

Lesson 2Edit

Goldas: Okay, now we have a slightly different scenario. you are alone, and are ambushed. You still can only use fire, water and nature, and you are still in a forest. What element do you use?

Student 1: Nature!

Goldas: maybe, but this is an ambush. You are unlikely to be able to draw upon the forest quickly enough to stop them from killing you.

Student 2: Fire!

Goldas: Yes! Very good.

Students: Huh?

Goldas: unusuall, I know. Fire will definitely kill your opponents while you shield yourself from the flames. And since you do not need to worry about anyone else, it is the best option.

Lesson 3Edit

Goldas: Your friend has been captured by the enemy, and your other friend is tied to the wall. Your enemy announces "Kill the guy tied to the wall, or this one dies." what do you choose, kill your friend tied to the wall, or free him?

Student 1: Kill the guy on the wall!

Goldas: No. He still has your other friend. He could betray that promice and kill him as well. You are better off freeing him.