"Ever wondered what it would be make a video game? Now is your chance!" -Goldas

I have decided to kickstart "IW labs" with this page! Add links to create your own Imaginary games! Golden Flame Zero 09:57, August 31, 2011 (UTC)

Each game can be either in a series, or a standalone title.

Imaginaughts "Canon" (Golden_Flame0's main story line) games.Edit

  1. Imaginaughts - Dawn of the Apocalypse
  2. Twin swords saga - two games which explain the backstory of both Goldas' blades
  3. Imagisports - Mario sports-style game featuring all the cast.

Imaginaughts "Gaiden" games.Edit

These are for those games not based on GF0's main storyline revolving around Goldas and co.

  1. Generations (Series)
  2. Adventure Lords

Mochadiax SoftwareEdit

For Games made by Mocha

  1. Mine - a game similar to Terraria, but with a "Unique" gameplay.

Matrixian GamesEdit

For Games made by PBoy

  1. Frontline - a game where war is always happening with "Complex" gameplay.

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