Forces of Darkness is a very old project around this wiki, focused around the idea that the users on this wiki take a step into their own universe, however, not voluntarily.

Forces of Darkness is going to be completely revised, from the name to the plot, from the chapter sizes to punctuation, revised. The old story can be found here.


As stated above, this story is being completely revised and restarted.


Nexter tried opening his eyes, and failed. He blinked some. Tried opening his eyes again, and this time more successfully. What he saw wasn't special. It was his bedroom roof, as usual. He yawned lazilly, and, quite loudly. Again, as usual. He attempted sitting up, and that was one valiant attempt, but, he failed. Why am I so tired this morning, Nexter thought, puzzled. Then he remembered it. A bad night sleep, his mind kind of in a knot about some ideas he had for his own private little storyline. Yes, he managed to remember what his problem was, but he forgot what he was having trouble 'creating'. Oh well, he said aloud, not knowing he had said it aloud. He turned over, fluffed his pillow some, and tried to go back to sleep. Next thing he knew, or rather, didn't know, he was asleep again, snoring, as usual, loudly.

However, what was going on in another 'dimension' was not at all usual. Sure, it was just another person waking up in his home. But, who that person was and what his life goal was, was quite unusual. And, quite dangerous.

The 'New' 'Forces of Darkness'?Edit

As i've said twice now, this story is gonna be turned upside-down, painted rainbow, put on its side, emptied, put straight again, painted white, then completely rearranged.

So, what new should you look for in the 'new' Forces of Darkness?

Well, first off, a new page. To change the name, i need to change the page. What name will it be changed to? Unknown for now, the name will be decided in a blog, halfway through the story, or at the end of the story. Until the name is decided, i will be writing the 'new' story on this page.

Longer chapters, and maybe no chapter titles. The titles seem mainly just like spoilers, and i'd rather avoid those.

Better spelling, grammar, and punctuation. That schtuffs.

COMPLETELY different plot.

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