F10 is a Imaginaught comprised solely of physical data. He wields the sword Crash. F10 is a nickname, hardly anyone knows his real name.

His status as Imaginaught is filled with controversy, as seveal times he has rejected the position

Appearance Edit

  • Brown hair, flat
  • Purple Eyes that glow in the dark
  • White (Skin), but not 100% pale.
  • Black Cloak, Black Clothes
  • Dark grey coloured skin.

History Edit

F10 was introduced in Imaginaughts: New Generation as a humanoid with an unknown past, with a sword that could change forms at will. Tivic Criko was curious at such a weapon, and so F10 was introduced into the ranks with his friend Erak. They were soon joined by Isan and Raven. The new team of Imaginaughts (Totalling twelve) had many adventures together, with Tivic being the blunt of several jokes (dying at one point, then coming back). When Raven went out of control, Isan and Erak tried to stop him, but were both killed.  F10 was assumed dead as well as the other two, but in actuality after seeing the carnage, left the school.

He returned in Imaginaughts Alpha part 3, confronting Goldas asking why he didn't stop Raven when Goldas was a god. Evidently, F10 knew what happened during his 3 or 4-year absence. F10 refused the challenge to a fight, and right on cue a Demon crashed down in front of them. The two defeated the demon easily, and F10 left for hell.

Once he got to hell, F10 confronted Raven about what happened that fateful night. Raven instead asking the question of what his origin was. F10 said he didn't, and was teleported back to Aef.


Powers/Abilities Edit

He does not use magic often, instead relies on his swordsmanship.

Spells and Magic Edit

  • Ability to 'evaporate' and re-form whenever he chooses. In his evaporated form he can fly, is completely invisible, completely invincible, and can move a lot faster, but cannot do anything physical until he re-forms. Deforming and reforming takes about 3 seconds each.

Weapons Edit

Race Edit

F10 is a member of an unknown race, but is sometimes referred to (mistakenly) as a Data Construct, Aefian, Elemental or even a golem. F10 himself doesn't know, but he is ofiically listed as "Data Construct - Other - Unknown".

Trivia Edit

  • He likes tacos and apples

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