The big fight...

Vain's Father (AKA Trearch) finally tracked down his son and attacked him.

"What are you doing!?" exclaimed Vain.

"You are a threat to all who live in this must be destroyed!" screamed Trearch as he jumped into the air for a high-profile kill

"ONE MILLION STABBING STRIKE JUTSU!!" said Vain as he charged

Trearch dodged "*laughs* I taught you everything you know so I know how to stop that move SHADOW STRIKE!!!!" said Trearch as a ball of shadows slammed into Vain

"I can copy that, you don't know how to do that!" screamed Vain, "I do because I am your father" said Trearch "now DIEEE!!!! VERMIN! ONE MILLION SHADOW STABBING STRIKE JUTSU!!!!!!" said Trearch as he charged and attacked

"What the hell?" those were Vain's last words as his father’s shadow hidden blades stabbed him and stabbed him. Vain would have survived until he was stabbed in the heart, he thought of Goldas and all his students "Goodbye Goldas....wait Goldas' power means he couldn't die so...thought Vain.

Trearch was walking away when

"HEY IM NOT DONE WITH YOU, SHADOW STRIKE!!!" screamed Vain as a ball of shadows clammed into Trearch "How are you alive?" said Trearch as he got up from the ground

"My favourite student Goldas can't die, that’s one of his abilities so I just copied that, then I knocked you to the ground with my shadow strike so-on and so-forth" said Vain

"now are you going to Jail or will I have to kill you?"

"You’ll have to kill me!!" screamed Trearch

"Fine" said Vain "good-bye father.... BALL OF DARKNESS!! NOVA EXPLOSION!!!" screamed Vain, a ball of shadow hit Trearch in the chest and exploded Trearch's body "Good work son......I want you to have this" Trearch said as he handed Vain a sword with a dark aura surrounding it "it is the strongest sword ever made...fused with shadow and made by Klael...take it....good bye..." 

"Thank you father" Vain said

And that was the end of that

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