The Energy Mace, in all it's glory.

The Energy Mace is James' weapon of choice, as well as an Aefian military weapon (see:ESIT). He likes it so much because of its high strength, quick firing speed, and its high defense.


  • If you want to do melee attacks just hold the lower and/or upper handle then swing it at your target, like a spear or sword.
  • If you want to shoot Electric bolts put the lower handle in your arm-pit and hold the upper handle with both hands and then simply aim, then focus on shooting and then next thing you know you will have shot an electric bolt at your target, almost like a rifle.
  • If you want to deflect incoming shots simpely try to make the shot hit the end of your Energy Mace and when it hits you will see a small energy shield on the end of the mace flicker and then the shot will bounce off, almost like you would do with a shield.


  • The Energy Mace was James' first custom weapon.
  • The Energy Mace is good for brute force because of its high defense, and exceptional offense.
  • The Energy Mace's appearance is basically just the Nerf Battlemaster Mace.
  • The Energy Mace can turn out very strong especially if the person wielding it is highly trained with it.
  • The Energy Mace is known to have bashed many heads in the hands of Evil. Thus why James keeps it with him constantly.