Elite Specialized Infantry Troopers (also known as ESIT) are a group of very strong, fast, agile, super-soldiers employed by the Aefian Government, and are considered "Spec Ops". They are trained in various warfare strategies, and are adapt mechanics. ESIT is assigned to the "necessary risks" that have to be taken in any situation.



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Old Edit

ESIT once guarded Aef on May 21st... and on that day they found out about Behemeth. ESIT did the BEST they could and they actually made the giant beast retreat but then they left and Behemeth came back on the 22nd doing a lot of damage.

NOTE FROM THE CREATOR OF THIS PAGE: I am going to make a story that involves these guys and i don't want to spoil any of it so ill wait till the story is finished to add the other history. :)