Planet Earth, (Or AZ-13 using the Aefian planet numbring system) chance is, the planet which you are standing on.

History Edit

It would be almost impossible to sum up this planet's entire history in a few words, except for these: Long and boring. (Note- all dates after 2070 AD are guesses) To elaborate (Using the BC/AD system, not the BCE and CE system):

  • The Time before Time: The Eight Elemental Lords of the eight Base Elements combine their powers and create the Eternal Sphere
  • 13.75 BYA- The Elemental Lord of Darkness, Klael, disrupts the Eternal Sphere, and a huuuuge explosion occurs. We know this event as the Big Bang. Bit of an understatement. This is generally accepted by Humans as a super condense particle explodes spreading 75% Hydrogen and 25% Helium across space, creating what Humans know as the Universe
  • 4.4 BYA-Earth and a mars sized planet collide. This creates our planet as we know it today, and our moon. It also created the tilt of the earth, and in turn, seasons.
  • 3.9 BYA - Ren Seeds the earth with life with his powers.
  • 2.6 MYA - Beginning of the ice age
  • 1.8 MYA - Humans discover Fire.
  • 4,000 BC-Wheel Invented.
  • 2,560 BC-Pyramids Built.
  • 2,500 BC-Stonehenge Built.
  • 1,200 BC-The Trojan Horse helps the Greeks pwn the trojans.
  • 776 BC-The original Olympics begin.
  • 212 BC-Archimedes shouts "EUREKA!"
  • 206 BC-The great wall of china is built.
  • 52 BC-Battle of Alesia
  • 2 BC approx- Its generally accepted Jesus was born around this time.
  • 32 AD approx- Its generally accepted Jesus was crucified around this time.
  • 100 AD-The Gospel of John was written.
  • 500 ADish - Aefians leave Earth.
  • 1066 AD-Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • 1492 AD-Columbus "discovers" America.
  • 1519 AD-Mona Lisa gets painted by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • 1606 AD- Willam Janszoon is the first to re-discover Australia after the Aboriginies.
  • 1611 AD-Shakespeare writes the Tempest.
  • 1653 AD-The Taj Mahal is built.
  • 1679 AD-Sir Issac Newton gets hit in the head with an apple.
  • 1768 AD- Capt. James cook is one of the last to "discover" Australia. Huzzah.
  • 1776 AD-America gains independence from England.
  • 1787 AD- The first fleet lands in Australia
  • 1790 AD-Mozart makes some music.
  • 1802 AD-Lightbulb Invented.
  • 1862 AD-American Civil War!
  • 1876 AD-Telephone poles are put up everywhere in the US.
  • 1889 AD-Eiffel Tower Constructed.
  • 1901 AD-The federation of Australia occurs.
  • 1908 AD-Model T Ford is mass-produced.
  • 1911 AD-Man visits the south pole for the first time.
  • 1912 AD-Titanic sinks.
  • 1933 AD-The movie "King Kong" is made.
  • 1942 AD-The Height of World War II.
  • 1962 AD-The Height of the Cold War.
  • 1969 AD-First Man on the moon.
  • 1972 AD-The popular games "Space Invaders" and "Pong" are made. The birthplace of gaming, both in arcades and Universally (Well, universal inside earth. Humans confuse me -Some random alien)
  • 1986 AD-The Internet is created.
  • 1989 AD-The Berlin Wall is torn down.
  • 1994 AD-The Chunnel is dug.
  • 1996 AD-Dolly the sheep is cloned.
  • 2012 AD-Transit of venus occurred.
  • 2013 AD-You are here (hopefully!)
  • 2061 AD-Halley's comet returns.
  • 2070 AD-Humankind reaches a Type I civilization. Or do they?
  • 2150 AD- Magic is rediscovered.
  • 2450 AD- New humans are born.
  • 3012 AD- Klael might distroy earth. Maybe.

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