Dual 7-shot guns

Dual 7 shot guns

A Hand-drawn picture of the gun. Note the Neo form

The Dual Seven-Shot Guns (shortened to the Seven-Shots or DSSG) are two of Goldas' weapons of choice. They have seven barrels, and shoot seven bullets, one from each barrel, at roughly the speed of an assault rifle. t

Ammunition Edit

The Dual 7-shots rely on a clip of pressurised liquid metal for its bullets, and the bullets are hollow, and formed when and as its fired. The clip is essentially bottomless (Its bigger on the inside), but other, smaller clips are used as well.

Neos formEdit

In its Neos form, it shoots seven solid beams of pure laser. It also has spikes so it looks more menacing.
Dual 7-shots Neos


Ultimate Edit

Dual 7-shots Ultimante

Ultimate form

In the weapon's Ultimate form it is a one-hit-kill revolver with a combo system. It goes from fast-firing to about one bullet per four seconds semi-automatic. However, each successful shot (Hits a living creature) charges up a "power bar", if, when full, unleashes a super shot that vaporises and explodes in a large radius.


  • The gun was created after Goldas wanted a better ranged weapon. It was revealed at the same time that Neo was introduced.
  • It's neo form is considered "spammy" and "cheaty" by many. Even Goldas admits that he designed it with "Spamming" in his mind.
  • The gun is based on a Nerf gun that can shoot up to 20 bullets after being pumped up.
  • At times, the gun may only shoot six bullets, the middle barrel being excepted. This is rare, however.