Varallia Dragoon

The Dragoon beloinging to Varralia

Dragoneers are people who use Dragoons in sport and combat.

Dragoon Edit

Dragoons are a special type of weapon, sharing their name with many other weapons, tools and monsters. They are basically folding boomerang-like devices that are fired from launchers on the lower arm/wrist of a dragoneer. Dragoneers then use either computer technology or magic to direct the aim of the dragoon. When not in use the two arms are folded together. Unlike their boomerang cousins however, these are more aerodynamic and do not spin, these fly in a far more jet/arrow like way.


Many dragoneers go under the saying "Less clothes, more skin exposed. more skin exposed, stronger Mana flow and more flexibility." Dragoneers tend to wear shortsleeved shirts, and wear light clothing. Varralia Vezu is one of the few dragoneers that wear heavier clothing (i.e., jacket)

Known Dragoneers Edit