The symbol of the Demon's Blessing

The Demons blessing is a curse that a Demon Lord gives to a child when he/she has the potential to have god like power. The receiver normally has dabbed in some sort of dark art.. Many of the "blessed" children die towards their late twenties. Nobody knows why this is the case.

Abilities Edit

The Demons blessing gives some sort of great power to its recipient. This corrupts their nature into something akain to a demon, and grants them demon-like power.

Raven was finally able to rid himself of its influence after Goldas Arenian defeated him at the end of Imaginaughts Nex. Raven was already a demon by then, so he did not experience any loss of power, only a change in personality.

Appearance Edit

It appears as an ordinary burn or cut, but refuses to heal. Raven's is a claw mark across his back.

History Edit

More will be added.

Raven was the first to receive the "blessing" at his age (roughly 7 in Aefian years).

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