200 elements touch of death

Elemental type


Magic level

Higly advanced

Safety rating

Practically banned

Famous for

Instant death

The 200 elements touch of death is a high-caliber spell, used only by those with high mana levels. Goldas and Vain the Impaler are both examples of people who use the spell.

Use Edit

If person 1 uses the move on person 2, person 2's body turns to pure energy, and that energy is transmitted to person 1. However, person 1 is knocked out for about 2 days/weeks/months (depending on how strong the person is physically).

Elemental type Edit

As the spell uses 200 elements, it is not counted in a single element type. Rather, it is considered a many elemental type spell.

Appearance Edit

It appears as a glowing, rainbow coloured ball with 200 tails of different colours (and thus, elemental energies), appearing to "trail" off the ball, after completing the charge, the ball turns into a golden colour, with licks of the golden ball coming of it. The area around the ball is usually darkened, making the caster look epic. As the caster charges forward with the Rasengan -like attack, hitting the opponent in any part of the body. The move has no knockback, rather, it changes the opponent into a rainbow-coloured apparation of themselves, which soon moves into the caster through the spell. As the attack subsides, everything is returned to its normal light level, and the caster faints.

Advantages Edit

  • Completely destroys the target, which is converted to pure energy
  • Looks nice.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Knocks you out for a while, as you use up almost all of your mana. The shock of receiving so much mana after using heaps (less than the received amount, but still massive) is enough to induce a coma or even kill the unprepared. Goldas was knocked out for 1 month after first using the spell.

Trivia Edit

  • Goldas no longer uses the spell, as he has more effiicent means of killing at his disposal.