Type of Element






Darkness is a Base element. It is used by Demons. There are five sub-elements of darkness sometimes known as the five demon elements. Its Elemental Lord is Klael.

Pure Darkness Sub-Elements Edit

Chaos Edit

chaos magic is the twin of necromancy. It is the notion of one turning against another, of even your atomic particles not co-operating. It is one of the five Demon elements.

Vain has the most experience with chaos (other than Raven)

Necromancy Edit

Necromocy is the art of raising and controlling the dead. It is a variant of Darkness and commonly used by Wraiths and minor demons, it's also a demon elements

It is also a magical practise, althogh it can be found in minute amounts in actual necromacy magic.

Shadow Edit

Shadow is a variant of darkness

Inpure Darkness Sub-Elements Edit


A combinaion of Nature and Darkness.

Ghost Edit

A combination of Air and Darkness

Dark Fire Edit

A combination of Fire and Darkness.

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