Croso Necra is a spell that allows the user to directly control either a program, or OS. It is Technology/Electricity type.

Use Edit

It is cast by saying the name of the spell, while taking a sip of tea made from the leaf of a Mocoa tree. If the user drinks the tea before the spell, they will control the OS the user is nearest to. (Therefore, it's recommended to leave behind any phones/electric watches/ etc., otherwise you'll be controlling that). If the user drinks the tea after the spell, they will access the current maximized process onscreen (If you have Frontline running, you'l control that). This can be useful for diagnosing problems with applications or Operating Systems, If an error pops up before you enter, you'll know exactly what went wrong. You could also use it to changes sprites in a program, or write documents and do tasks more efficiently.

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