Corestone is very similar to Gold in appearance.

Corestone is a type of gold metal found in the core of planets and stars. It is mostly Iron in content, but with traces of nickel.

Appearance and traits Edit

Corestone is a golden-yellow metal made of over 99.99% Iron, with traces of other metals found in the inner cores of planets. It gets its colour from the golden colour of the superheated rock inside inner cores.

Its creation requires huge amounts of Mana in order to retain the colour. Without mana, corestone cannot form. Due to the exposure to mana, corestone is also highly mana-conductive, and when 'tuned' the right way, is one of the best non-living mana generators. Corestone also shares mana's trait of intelligence. Goldas' Aefian crown is made of corestone, and it, quote, makes him "smarter. I also think alot easier, and I can remember a whole lot more." Corestone is also a very prized material since the extraction of it usually involves the destruction of a planet. Aef's vast stores are mostly gained from taking it from other groups, or via trade.

Corestone is worth roughly 1,000,000 Aefian gold coins per gram.

Production Edit


A planet being shredded by Planetcrakers.

Due to corestone being produced in the centre of planets, such planets must be destroyed to get to the corestone most efficiently. Planetcrackers do most of the work, and Aef steals corestone off these illegal groups.

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