Put all contests here. There are three Four sub-sections. Title all your contests using heading 3. You can use a contest heading that is under yours (I can use all of them, a beurocrat can use all but the admin's and my contest titles). You can reply to contests, on this page's talk page.

Golden Flame Zero contestsEdit

Improve quality of teh logo.Edit

Whoever shows me an improved version of the sites' logo gets the update onto all pages! Please post two entries each, one standard-sized, and one sized like the one at the top. Remember: it is an 'I' with a tear through the middle. Golden Flame Zero 07:54, July 20, 2011 (UTC)

Admin contestsEdit

Lesser-but-still-important-people-like-beurocrats-and-rollbacks contestsEdit

User contestsEdit