Broken is the theme song for Forces of Darkness: The Twilight Sword. It is from Nathan's point of view, and it will nonetheless be a spoiler for the story. If you want the risk, then read below.


My brain was nearly empty,

All those memories felt so light,

I could just barely see them,

But i had to give up without a fight.

Hopelessness crept over me,

But there was nothing that i could see.


Like a wave upon the ocean,

I feel a chance for sight

But then it goes away,

Once i have the chance to fight.

And once the 'wave' crashes down,

I barely have the chance to frown.

I know the emptiness i feel.

It's as simple as a wheel.

I am Broken.

(End Chorus)

The pain i felt was very light,

But yet it crept up, to every height.

Then i found a friend who cared.

Everything he knew, he shared.

I grew a hate for his enemies,

But i failed to see the real enemy.


I thought i had failed him,

Lost my only friend.

I became a captive,

And then i felt born again.

I felt a new thing growing inside,

Yeah, i felt it running around in my mind.

The truth gave me hope,

And now i know, that my heart has grown.

Like a wave upon the ocean,

i felt a chance for sight,

But then it went away,

once i had the chance to fight.

And once the 'wave' crashed down,

I barely had the chance to frown.

I know the emptiness i felt,

it was as simple as a whelp.

I was Broken.

And now i know how far the truth can hide,

The fact i'm Broken, is just a lie.

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