Behemeth is well known for his 13 limbs, and his fighting skills.Behemeth is the second biggest creature towering over all most everyone with a large 48 meters high and 20 meters long. Behemeth kinda has a rivalry with Komodo cobra, and he very much dislikes Imaginaughts, and all Humans and that includes Goldas.


One day as usuall James was trying to make another creature and Goldas was there to congratulate him once he finished and finally after 6 hours of work James finished. But the creature escaped and after about 12 days of hunting and fighting they stunned him for what they thought was forever so they got some help and took the creature to Aef for study. But after 1 year in Aef the creature woke up and rampaged through Aef but then after a long time he decided to stop and then he ran to a far, unknown, cave. And ever sense then he was named 'Behemeth'.


Behemeth has 4 legs, 6 arms/hands, 1 tail, 2 wings, is grey, has a total of 48 meters high and 20 meters long, and has a head like the Green dragon ecsept grey.


When Behemeth bites his bite is surrounded with Blue Energy making his bite deadly.

Behemeth can breath Golden Flame surrounded by Blue Energy making a powerful combination.

Behemeth's tail is very sharp so it can cut through almost anything.

Behemeth's wings are very sharp so they can cut through many things.


  • Behemeth has a large rivalry with Komodo cobra.
  • Behemeth is in the world record book for having 13 limbs.
  • Behemeth is well capable of flying and fighting.
  • It is known that anyone who enters "Behemeth's Cave" does not come back alive but it was also rumored that someone saw 2 very wounded Matrix come running out with a fierce growl behind them.
  • Every year in may the 21st Behemeth attacks Aef.
  • Behemeth very much dislikes Goldas but nobody knows why, only Behemeth does.