The Battle over Mocha is a story where three men crash on a jungle planet that is supposed to be a "Wildlife preserve", and not to be touched (By order of the Mochadian Galactic Empire). But right now the Canons and Mochadians are the least of their problems, as little do they know, there's natives...


Here, I'm a little busy with this situation we have here, but I'll try to explain things to you as best as I can. Imagine that there is a green, lush planet. That planet is called Mocha. Now, imagine this planet ... orbiting a Jupiter-like gas-giant! Much more exciting now isn't it? Okay: it gets better. A flaming spaceship roars across the landscape, hurtling towards the planet. Three canon fighters pursue it. The canons try to send the crew their terms for surrender, but over the blaring alarms and the screams of people, they don't notice. "One of the engines exploded! We're all going to DIE!!!", shouted a crewmember, "The ship's hurtling towards planet Mocha sir! we can't control it!" said another, "and the canons won't stop shooting at us!". The captain said, "Hmmm ... well, if w-" "THE SHIPS ENTERING THE ATMOSPHERE!!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" said the one of the crewmembers. "LAUNCH TWO DECOY ESCAPE PODS!", said the captain, "THAT, should deter them long enough for us to escape." Then the ship tore in half. The other eight escape pods fired. The canons dove for the escape pods. Only one remained. Yes, that is us, hurtling at over 20 kilometers a second towards planet Mocha.

Chapter 1: A nice, soft landingEdit

"Hear that loud noise? I think we just landed." Said one of the Men, "Jeez, it sounded like we landed on top of explosives." said the second. They open the door and the door broke off the hinges and falls into the sand below. "Oh, joy." said the third one, "A broken door. Looks like we have to find another spaceship. How Fun." "Looks like we're lucky" said the second one, pointing to the debris showering the water. "What's that rustling?" said the third one, "It sounds like it's coming from behind the bush.".

Meanwhile, behind that bush...

"See? I told you it was awesome!" said Nevak, a native, "Wow, you were right...ALIENS!!!", said Maxica, "I can't believe it! Let's tell our parents!" "No, I don't think that's the smartest idea," Said Nevak, "Let's wait and see what happens." "Well, until you're going to stop being boring, I'm going to shoot clouds.", Said Maxica as she left. "Humph. Why does she always have to be like that. She'll never learn..."

Chapter 2: Roll CallEdit

"Well, men, we better set up base camp. Since we never actually learned anyone's name but Captain Vogur-YOU KNOW WHAT LET'S GET THIS OVER WITH. I'm Kakub.", said the first, "I'm Donaphel", said the second, "I'm Xephos", and said the third. "Great!, said Kakub, "Now let's set up base camp."

Meanwhile, at the secret Mochadian Orbital Base...

"Sir, we have reports that a ship crashed on planet Mocha." "Should we get the cleanup team?" "Yes", said King Mochadius, "We shall. Send the ships at once." "Yes, sir."

"OKAY! Donaphel, you collect firewood. Xephos, collect whatever survived the crash. I'll built the tent.", said Kakub. "WHO LET YOU IN CHARGE? Building a tent is easy, you just have to push that button! No fair!", said Xephos. "Yeah, I sort of have to agree. It's not fair. Build a tent then for the night you're security.", said Donaphel. "Okay, okay. Indeed I shall...". "Okay, umm... Kakub, there's no need for the drama. You can stop now.", said Donaphel. "Fine. Let's get moving then. We've got a long night ahead of us.", as he looked into the sunset.

Chapter 3: Cloudy with a chance of Intergalactic WarEdit

Meanwhile, at the Bugosian Headquarters...

"SIR! Another one of our supply ships was destroyed!", said the messenger. "Oh, not again. Well, we'll just have to send another one then.", the commander sighed. "Over planet Mocha", the messenger explained explained. There was a long silence. "HOLY GOD THAT IS SPODE, WE'RE DOOMED! THE MOCHADIAN ARMY IS SHURE TO HAVE SENT MILLIONS OF BATTLESHIPS TO DESTROY OUR EMPIRE! DEAR GOD PLEASE TELL ME THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!!!". Everyone in the room froze. Then, they all started panicking as the alarm sounded.

Back at the makeshift campsite...

"AH WAKEY-WAKEY TIME FOR BREAKFAST!", exclaimed Kakub. "Ah, what's for breakfast?", said Donaphel and Xephos almost simultaneously. "Let's see... Freeze-Dried eggs and... powdered Bacon", said Kakub. "I... think I'll wait for lunch.", said Donaphel, "Yeah, I'm not hungry either.", said Xephos.

Then Kakub said, "Well, it was worth a shot. Anyway, good news is, the onboard computer is still functioning."

Chapter 4: Dramatic DigitizationsEdit

"WHAT??? YOU MEAN WE CAN GO???", said Donaphel, "Why didn't you say so?" "Well... the computer works... but the connections are loose. It can't operate thrusters if we don't have a connection." Kakub walked into the ship, and cane back out with a paper-thin black sheet. "What is that?", said Xephos. "It's a Digitizer." It converts sentient beings into an AI program that can access the computer." Then Kakub placed it atop the computer "Well, let's jump right in!"

Then they each went through the Disc.

Into the darkness.

And emerged on the other side.


"Whoa... it's AMAZING!!!", said Donaphel as they saw the massive structure that was the computer. "Well, it doesn't really exist. It's a hologram of the inner workings of the computer, to easily identify issues. Amazing, considering the wafer is 1mm thick. "You can run commands by talking!", said the digitized voice, "You can also walk through the technology known as-" "VOICE FALSE" said Kakub, and the voice disappeared. "Wow... what are the commands?", said Xephos, "Exclaim HELP! and I can provide a list of commands!" said the voice, "You can als-" "VOICE FALSE!!!" said Kakub, "... and ... TOOLTIPS FALSE!" he added. "WOAH WHAT WAS THAT???" said Donaphel, "A cyan crate flew over my Head!". "It's a visualization of data. Though the computer is off, it's still running."



I dare you to crack that!