Auras are a spiritual force emitted by all living beings. Auras are stronger when the being is capable, has been subjected to, or has used magic. Auras are made from Mana

Appearance Edit

Auras are for the most part, invisible to most human or aefian eyes. Typically, when someone has trained themselves to see auras, the aura will take the appeance of coloured mist, shroud or generally cover or outline the body. The colour of the aura depends on the person, for example if the person is a Fire magic user, there will be large red splotches on their aura.

Colouring Edit

There are two types of aura colour; natural colour and artificial colour. Natural colour is on the aura since the child's birth, artificial colour is colour applied later (i.e., in the fire example above).

Red normally invisions an angry or active nature, use of fire magic, or huge amounts of bloodshed.

Blue normally inplies calm, or use of ice magic.

Green normally inplies creativity, playfulness or mischief, use of nature magic, or jealousy.

More will be added later.

Use Edit

An aura can tell a lot about a person.

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