Atomic re-arrangement is the practise of taking one or more atoms and re-arranging the protons and nutrons to create a more complicated element. Currently an unknown practise to Earth's humans.

History Edit

Like most highly advanced practises, this one was started by Goldas, in the idea that since every atom is made up from protons, neutrons* and electrons (the jury is out on morons), then it is possible, in by the process of "splitting an atom", one could possibly add protons, neutrons and electrons (Collectively known as Atomic Trons) to a pre-existing atoms, thus changing it from, say, oxygen and carbon (the air we breathe) into gold. Originally thought as dangerous and expensive, the feat was eventually pulled off, making the theoretical "Philosopher's stone process".

*Except Hydrogen-1, but then again, it's atoms in the general sense.

The Philosopher's Stone practise Edit

"To take Atomic Trons form one atom to another, in the process of modifying an element in order to create new ones, ie turning copper to gold".

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