As it is known is a story by Golden Flame 0. It is currently in the middle of being written.


Chapter oneEdit

I woke up with a start. "Today.." I thought, peering around the bedroom. I saw Varralion in her bed, just opposite mine. "Today..I can feel it". "Uuung....wha? Goldas?" I heard Varralion say. "Its..." Varralion started. "6:56", I finished. "Practically seven". "Why are you up?" She asked. "I feel, a shift in power. The Reznor dragon is dead." Varralion gasped. "How? I mean, isn't he..." "The Komodo Cobra killed him." I informed her. "How'd you know?" asked Varralion. "Simple" I replied. "He posted it on his blog. I was mind-searching in my sleep. I do get bored, y'know." "Ha!" Varralion laughed. "Can't you just, like, Actually sleep?" It was my turn to laugh. "Me? Ha! I couldent sleep if I wanted to. When you get to this caliber of power, your body sleeps, not your mind." "True that..." Varallion stated. "Well, anyway, since were up, I might go make breakfast." Goldas lay back down. "Mmm, Pancakes", he thought.

"Jump, duck, jump, sidestep, dodge, duck, jump, forward, crouch and.....BAM" George got up early to train. he was fighting against a computer-controlled series of traps. He stood up, turned around and fired a blast of blue energy straight at a revolving blank of wood. "Ahh" he said, jumping over a kunai knife, "Good day for trainin' " he said to himself. "And for....Pancakes?" He ran up the side of the wall, and jumped in right as Goldas and Varralion were having breakfast. "Hey bro" he said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. "Hey George" Goldas replied. "We were just about to start." They started eating. "Good pancakes" George said. "Yeah" Goldas added. "Thanks" Varralion replied. "I added vanilla". "No wonder" Goldas smiled. "Hey, George, did you feel it?" "Yeah" George said. "Felt like a mini earthquake" the two said at once. "Hey, how come I didn't feel it?" Varralion grumbled. "Sweetie," Goldas explained, "Its because you aren't as in touch with magic as we are. Face it, Dragoneering isn't as magical as, say, turning a 10x10 area into flames.

To be continued....