Arlea, or Arlia (depending on the dialect) is the second smallest of the Aefian countries, behind Berlia. It is mostly forest and well-developed cities that blend into the landscape, as well as ridiculously big walls. Arlea is mostly based on modern-day Europe, in particular France. It is a constitutional monarchy, and constantly at odds with its eastern neighbour.

Geography Edit

Most of Arlea is very similar to Central Aef in the south, with grassy, rolling plains. The most major differences between the two is that Arlea has far more hills and mounds, with rockier soil. This gives the country a far more trecharous appearance. The areas further to the west feature much harider, yellow grasses, and gravelly surfaces almost identical to Berlia's far west (It is generally agreed that this was roughly what Berlia looked like before colonisation). Towards the east is an altogether different story, as there loooms the great Forest of Arlea, known to the people of the Void Empire as the Accursed Jungle. These forests hold tall, leafy, deciduous trees which slowly get taller and darker the further east that one travels, with the brush slowly morphing from grasses to leafy shrubs, to dense jungle plants. it is here that the Walls of Arlea are found, ten walls about ten meters (~34 ft) high, in radiating circles away from the capital of Arl. The walls are constructed of dense, grey stone blocks themselves about 0.25m tall by 1m wide, and additional quarter meter thick, save for the outer two walls which are comprised of far more temporary, wooden materials and were built in haste after the Void Empire declared war. The outermost wall is all but destroyed, and is beyond the border between Arlea and the Void Empire (Officially established at the ninth wall). The grandest of these walls are the fifth and first, the Fifth Wall being a major military garrison, and the first wall being the actual city wall for the city of Arl.

An area of the forest to note is in the far north, cut off after the seventh wall. These are known as the Dark Woods, and harbour a large variety of life mutated by unknown, but dark Magics.

Map Edit

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