A human-born Aefian resident, Aloysius Knight aka "the Black Kinght" is the research partner of George Arenian, and has a natural IQ of 250. His human background is rather odd to 90% of Aefians. Aloysius also has a split personality disorder, one of his personalities enjoys killing, the other does not. He is also the discoverer of the element Limbite.

Appearance Edit

Coming in at 5'9" tall, Aloysius Knight is a well built ex-military scientist. 


The Catalysed Angelic battlesuit (C.A.B), as worn by Aloysius


Aloysius' Limbite combat armor

Weapons Edit

  • 18 Shruikens
  • 2 Katana
  • 2 Wrist-mounted mini-crossbows
  • 1 Collapsible Limbite staff
  • 6 Anti-Firearm chaff grenades
  • 6 Limbite shruikens
  • 6 Smoke grenades

C.A.B armament:

  • 2 Under-wrist high accuracy shotguns
  • 1 Wrist-mounted grappling hook launchers


  • Anti-Gravity jetpack
  • Electromagnetic boots
  • Gas propelled Grappling hook
  • Electromagnetic pulse cannon

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