Alexander (rathers being called Alex) is a cyborg, and he lives on Trydon. He constantly goes on about what would be an even fight against him.


will be added soon...


  • A Beam/laser/electric-bolt/flame-thrower cannon (right).
  • Jet-foot(left)/jet-boot.
  • Shield generator shoulder (left).
  • Knife-department ankle (right).
  • Robotic eye (left).

Before Cyborg FormEdit

  • 2 Fire swords.
  • 1 Shield strapped to back.
  • 2 Daggers on belt.


  • 20 Years of age.
  • Blond hair.
  • Male.
  • White skin.


  • Never outmatched. Never outsmarted. Never too hard.
  • First time beaten. Well done, Vain.
  • 1 On 3. Its an even match.
  • 1 On 10. Its worth a try.
  • Xavior, i never thought i'd be this happy to see you...
  • Ok, let me point out; 1 super fast swordsmaster, 1 master of electrisity, 1 person with the inferno, and 1 ultra cyborg, VS. a giant beast that's about 8 times tougher in the dark. And it takes place at night. I think its an even match.
  • Never give up.
  • Just work on it.

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