Alchemy is the art of combining science and magic to create unexpected things. It is also referred to as Magical Science.

Alchemy is best known for potion-making, which is just one of its branches. As stated before, Alchemy is simply science with magic.

Most famous achivements Edit

  • Creating a magical spell that would revive the dead, gave way to the art of Necromocy
  • Discovery of DNA as well as subatomic particles ages before human science
  • The Philosophers stone (Had to put this in here, didn't I?)
  • Personal transportation between planets without use of an external device

History Edit

Alchemic arts were first discovered in human history by the Egyptians, as the first civilisation to use magic. Learning of mana, the Egyptian Kings utilized the arcane arts to become lesser or even moderate gods. The art quickly spread to the Greeks then around the world, especially to the middle-east, where during the global occupation of the Romans, Arabian scholars compiled most of the knowledge gained, and after the fall of the roman empire and rise of the many races, the middle east became the centre of learning for magical studies.

After the Aefian departure from earth during medival times, Alchemy, as well as magic in general began to drain from earth, which all but disappeared in between the 17th and 19th centuries. Meanwhile, on Aef, the continuance of magical studies lead to massive leaps in technology, infastructure and health, reaching its apex about 100 years before Goldas Arenian was born. Aefian magical studies to this day is still in its golden age, but slowly descending.

Difference between Science and Alchemy Edit

It is generally argued that Science and Alchemy are two completely different things. However, it has been clarified that Alchemy is a substrand of science, which just so happens to also contain all the other substrands of science (i.e., biology can be both alchemy and science). In popular use, Biologic alchemy is genrally referred to simply as alchemy, and all other areas as magical science.

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