Aging potions are potions which increase the age of the drinker. Marcus has drunk a fair amount of this stuff, thus advancing him to the same age as Goldas.

Ingredients Edit

  1. an old rock, hand-sized, sliced
  2. a mouldy apple, sliced finely
  3. sand, a handful
  4. a rose, de thorned
  5. 1L of water
  6. A fair amount of mana
  7. sugar to taste. You will need a lot.

Method Edit

  1. Get out two bowls. In one bowl, put the rock slices and sand in one bowl, and the rose and mouldy apple in the other.
  2. mash up the contents of the bowls. DO NOT MIX THE BOWLS!
  3. tip the contents of the bowl with the sand into a pot. Add the water.
  4. wait until the water begins to boil. (bubbles start appearing)
  5. add the contents of the other bowl.
  6. mix until its well mixed.
  7. take the potion off the boil
  8. wait to it cools to room temperature.
  9. use your mana to energise the liquid. it should turn from brown to bluish-green
  10. Put it back on the boil.
  11. Add sugar until it stops smelling/tasting disgusting.
  12. Put the potion in the freezer overnight. Best done in winter, but who cares.
  13. thaw the potion.
  14. its ready to drink. drinking the whole contents of the pot will age you 10 years.