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The afterlife is where people go to when they die.

Aefian Model Edit

People are judged depending on whether they did good or bad in life. If theu did neither, they are reincarnated with no benefit or penalty, however, depending on their life, it may have a benefit or a penalty. You are more likely to receive a benefit than a penalty, unless Raven is bored.

If you did bad in life Edit

Depedning on the circumstances, you get one of these. Often you will choose.

  • Hell. Damnation. You can get out somehow.
  • Bad reincarnation - you get reincarnated as a slave, or a bug or something.

If you did good in life Edit

You choose between

  • Heaven. Again, you can get out somehow. And sometimes people are booted to the second option after a while.
  • Good Reincarnation - Like a billionaire or something.

If you are really good in life, or good at magic, you get sent back to life with no problems whatsoever.