Aefians are a race of humanoids who live on the planet Aef. They are very much like humans except in four respects: They have a natural affinty to Magic (Mana-related), are very intelligent, over two times the life span of the average human, and have regenerative abilites beyond humans.

History Edit

(will be expanded later)

  1. Humans
  2. magic humans
  3. Aefians
  4. leave earth

Biology Edit

Aefians are in the humanoid class of intergalactic races, in which they are very similar to homo sapiens. The biggest difference between the two is life span; Aefians live long lives compared to humans. In human years, Aefians live up to 400 years old, which is 200 in Aefian years. Early Aefians lived up to 200.

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