Adventure lords is a free-moving RPG, similar to Runescape. It is famous for having many releases, and being released early in development.

Alpha Edit

1.1 Edit

  1. Nothing but a glorified avatar creator at this point.

1.2 Edit

  1. Added more options, and added classes.

1.3 Edit

  1. Added a circular playing area.
  2. Added online mode
  3. Added chat.
  4. Added more hair colours
  5. Added 2 servers.

1.4 Edit

  1. Added a day/night cycle.

1.5 Edit

  1. Added mobs
  2. Added Zombies and Skeletons
  3. added drops: Skull, Ribcage, Bones, Brains, Rotting flesh.
  4. added a fountain in the middle of the map
  5. added shops at the four couners of the map, no-one is allowed to go into them.
  6. Made sure that the current small map (Town square) looks nicer.

1.6 Edit

  1. Added a path leading behind the shops.
  2. Added town walls
  3. Added signs
  4. Added shop: Crafting shop.
  5. Added shop: General store.
  6. Added shop: Hospital
  7. Added shop: Magic shop.

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